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Are Search Engines Racist? It's All About Who Creates the Algorithm

Most of the time, we think of algorithms as machines, operating outside of society. However, the opposite is true, and those who create the machines encode their biases into them, manipulating everything from what we see in a Google search to whether or not someone is given a loan or granted parole. How do we decode this bias?


Despite Push for Diversity, the Oscars Have A Long Way To Go

After #OscarsSoWhite, it seemed like the Academy might finally be waking up to its diversity problem. However, as the Best Picture "Green Book" shows, there is still a long way to go.


Newsroom Diversity: It Is Not Just About Who Is In The Room

Media outlets are finally waking up to the need for diverse newsrooms. However, as we rally for greater newsroom diversity, it is important to also interrogate the role of newsroom diversity; it isn’t just about covering certain issues, but about making the media more diverse as a whole.


Google in Russian: What Does An Algorithm Say About Bias?

Last year, Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr investigated and revealed the extent of Google's algorithmic games. MDI's Mikhail Yakovlev re-did the experiment, only this time in Russian.


The Conundrum of Women's Awards: Do They Really Achieve Inclusivity?

Last year only 16 percent of plays that opened on Broadway were written by women, and 19 percent were directed by women. While many "gender-specific" awards exist to celebrate these artists, and highlight their work in a male-dominated world, is this really achieving inclusivity in the long run?


Bias (Fatigue) in Britain: Are There More Effective Ways To Report on Racism?

The Guardian recently published its "Bias in Britain" feature--but at a time when the right wing is twisting any reporting on racism and inequality, what was it's impact? Could there be a more accurate way to measure, and report on the science of racial bias?


International Migrants Day: Narratives On Migration

Journalists play a critical role in communicating both these nuances and the human stories behind migration. In some cases, their work has sparked outraged and inspired action. However, the media has also pushed dangerous narratives about migrants. What are the best ways to ensure that these stories are told accurately and ethically?


Steve Bannon: To Platform or Not to Platform?

NewsXChange Edinburgh invited Steve Bannon as a speaker so that journalists could hold him to account. However, some argue that the invitation is just another way for the rightwing to have a platform for hate speech.


Can Brazilians Use Internet Humour and Memes to Fight Bolsonaro's Hate Speech?

As Brazilians, we are dead serious about our memes. But when right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro used memes to win the elections, we realized that our beloved memes can have a far more serious impact on our country—and potentially manipulate us into making poor decisions. How about we use our creativity to fight hate speech instead of laughing at it?